Preface to Horace

本站所包含的昆图斯. 贺拉提乌斯. 弗拉库斯的拉丁语原文以及中文翻译与注解皆取自李永毅先生的《贺拉斯诗选》。本站创立的宗旨是为尚未完全掌握拉丁文要义的广大中文读者提供一个便捷易懂的在线拉丁语学习资源,从而促进拉丁语的学习与阅读体验。经李先生本人的同意以及迪金森古典学项目负责人克里斯多弗·弗兰切西的协同与指导下,所有拉丁语和中文的文本,注解以及翻译皆为研究助理谢奇臻所审阅、编辑和上传至迪金森古典学在线网站。特别致谢罗伯茨基金为迪金森古典学学院提供的赞助,从而使得本站最终得以完成!

This site is intended to improve the Latin reading experience for Chinese readers whose knowledge of the Latin language is developing. It contains Latin text, notes, translation, and media for selected poems by Quintus Horatius Flaccus. It is derived from Mr. Li Yongyi’s Selected Poems of Horace. With Mr. Li’s full consent, the texts, notes, and translation were carefully revised, edited, and uploaded on the DCO website by Research Assistant Qizhen Xie under the coordination and instructions of Professor Christopher Francese of Dickinson College. Invaluable financial support came from the Roberts Fund for Classical Studies at Dickinson College, which makes this project possible.