Christopher Francese
Asbury J. Clarke Professor of Classical Studies, Dickinson College

My main fields of specialty are the Latin language, Roman literature, and Greek mythography, interests that are reflected in three books I have written or co-authored: Ancient Rome: An Anthology of Sources, written with Scott Smith (Hackett, 2014), Ancient Rome in So Many Words (Hippocrene, 2007), and Parthenius of Nicaea and Roman Poetry (Peter Lang, 2001). These days my main scholarly activity is being the project director of Dickinson College Commentaries, a series of online multimedia editions of classical texts. Marc Mastrangelo and I conceived of the DCO project while attending a panel at the January 2014 APA meeting, “Classics and Reaction: Modern China Confronts the Ancient West,” organized by Walter Scheidel and Shadi Bartsch, with talks from Michael Puett and various Chinese-born classicists, including Jinyu Liu. It was an "aha!" moment for us, realizing how the approach we had been taking in DCC had the potential to invigorate and globaize the study of classics in new and powerful ways.That so many superb scholars have gotten involved in the project is a source of great joy to me, and I cannot wait to see how it develops in the coming years.


Asbury J. Clarke Professor of Classical Studies, Dickinson College
Professor of Classical Studies, DePauw University, Distinguished Guest Professor at Shanghai Normal University
Professor of Classical Studies, Dickinson College

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