Lexicon Magnum Latino-Sinicum Credits

June 6, 2023

This project was made possible by the Roberts Fund for Classical Studies, Dickinson College.

Source text

Joaquim Affonso Gonçalves, Lexicon Magnum Latino-Sinicum, 3rd edition (Peking: Typis Congregationis Missionis, 1936 [1st ed. Macau, 1841]). Scanned at the Dickinson College Library from a copy kindly provided by the Firestone Library at Princeton University.

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Project Director

Christopher Francese (Dickinson College)


Lara Frymark (Dickinson College)

Lead Content Editors

Qizhen Xie (Brown University)

Xiaorui Zhang (Chongqing Bashu Ivy School)

Seth Levin (Dickinson College)

Siyun Yan (Dickinson College)

Grace Gillies (University of New Hampshire)

Juan Coderch (University of St. Andrews, School of Classics)

Content Editors

Yanai Wang (Chongqing Bashu Ivy School)

David Tong (Chongqing Bashu Ivy School)

Yishi Chen (University of St Andrews, School of Classics)

Qibei Chen (University of St Andrews, School of Classics)

Tiancheng Wang (University of St Andrews, School of Classics)

Weiqun Li (University of Pennsylvania)

Yanxiao He (University of Chicago)

Yunzhi Liu (Middlebury College)

Yuening Rao (Catholic University of America)

Peter Shi (Stanford University)

Xiaoxi Zhang (Princeton University)

Juliette Schaeffer (John Hanley High School, VA)

Brady Kenney (John Hanley High School, VA)

Jonathan Fu (Phillips Andover Academy)

Will Lewis (Wake Forest University)

Andy Yin (Wyoming Seminary)

Emily Aokens (Wyoming Seminary)

Haiger Chen (Wyoming Seminary)

Beth Eidam (Dickinson College)

Carl Hamilton (Dickinson College)

Eli Goings (Dickinson College)

Bernadette Mustacchio (Hunter College)

Special Thanks

Youming Liu (Chongqing Bashu Ivy School)

Liz Penland (Wyoming Seminary)

Peter Shi (Stanford University)

Ryan Burke (Dickinson College)

Don Sailer (Dickinson College)

See here for further information about Joaquim Gonçalves, and here for some background on the project.