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This site was designed by Chris Stamas and created by Ryan Burke using Drupal 7. Text by Christopher Francese and Jinyu Liu, with translations by Zigui Zhou.

Image credits:

  1. DCO Officers and Editorial Board at Shanghai Normal University, June 13, 2015. Image credit: Christopher Francese
  2. Bronze medallion with a griffin fighting an Arimaspian (detail). Italic, from Praeneste, 4th century BC. Image: the Metropolitan Museum of Art Collections Online:
  3. Part of a page from J. A. Gonsalves [Gonçalves], Grammatica latina ad usum sinensium juvenum (Macao: In regali collegio Sancti Joseph, 1828). Image credit: Österreichische Nationalbibliothek (digitized by Google)
  4. “Ruins on the Palatine Hill” (detail), etching by Herman van Swanevelt (Dutch, c. 1600-1655). Image credit: National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC.